Diesel in a Petrol Car

Putting Diesel in a Petrol Car  is not as common as putting Petrol in a Diesel car. The diesel fuel pump nozzle is larger than the petrol pump nozzle and does not fit into the filler of a modern car. If, however you have managed to make this error and even if you have driven your car, we can get it running again, Fast.

If you have accidentally put Diesel into a Petrol car the engine will start to malfunction shortly. Most common short-term signs will be misfiring, and excessive smoke coming from the car exhaust, eventually the spark plugs will foul up and finally the engine will stop running completely. The diesel fuel must be drained, refuelled with clean petrol (supplied by our service vehicle) and the system flushed.

There is a high chance that your engine management system will show up an engine fault code on your dashboard due to the misfuelling. Our wrong fuel drain technicians have the latest OBD equipment to clear these codes and get your car running again.

Fortunately, if dealt with quickly none of the problems caused after pumping diesel into a petrol car will be permanent and your car will be restored to a normal running condition.

Have You Put Diesel in a Petrol Car?